Empire International started its humble beginning in 1985 by Mr. Hee Tan and Mr. Ruski. It was the desire to bring authentic Indonesian food to the growing sector of the Indonesian, Dutch-Indonesian and Asian immigrants in California that started this venture.

By 1990 the business of distributing Indonesian food had grown to a level where the company was supplying over 300 customers throughout the United States of America and Canada. The territorial spread covers coastal cities of the West to the eastern cities of New York.

Empire International was instrumental to the story of helping Indonesia's multinational company's brand like Indomie instant noodles to penetrate the main stream of the American market. Today, Empire represents major manufacturers such as Ayam Brand, Heinz ABC, Asian Home Gourmet, Sosro tea, Garuda peanuts, Sido Muncul herbal, Kokita, Rotary, Indomie, Indocafe, Swart Vicomte Netherland, and Tewell Germany.

With the changing market conditions, Empire International has structured its distribution business into two major focuses: a. The first major thrust is to continue to supply the growing ethnic market sector. b. The second focus is to help foreign companies to penetrate the American main stream market. The company now distributes over 450 brands of products from Asia, Europe and USA.

The range of products is distributed and categorized into several types: a. Confectionery b. Dried Food c. Frozen foods d. Convenient Food e. Spices and Mixes. The Company has a team of specialists to ensure that products imported into the US meet the US-FDA regulations. These are standard requirements and the company will work closely with the manufacturer to ensure regulation conformity on product ingredients and packaging labels.



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